Moyra's Classics: Summer Evenings

Moyra's Classics: Summer Evenings

Moyra's Classics - Summer Evenings consists of 4 complete products: Organza Nights, 4 silk and voile evening dresses with matching purses and delicate bracelets, Sassy Bows, 4 sexy short evening dresses with matching jewelry, Sheerly Flirtatious, a set of 2 graceful multi-part outfits with matching heels, and Silk Butterfly, 2 feminine outfits with necklaces and matching heels.
The products in Moyra's Classics - Summer Evenings are individually subdirectoried and their zip files are labeled, so you can install
all or just the one(s) you would like to work with.

Moyra's Classics - Summer Evenings includes Iray and 3Delight Materials settings for all 4 products, as well as custom thumbnails and tip images for easy identification, all supported by 221 high resolution (up to 4096x4096) texture images, composed of diffusion, bump, specularity, displacement, metallicity, normal, transparency and reflective images.
The readme includes the urls of all the (very affordable!) models that Moyra's Classics - Summer Evenings was created for.

Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Requirements:  Chiffon Slip Dress (daz3d); Flirty Bow Dress (daz3d); Chiffon Crop Dress (daz3d); Bell Slip Dress (daz3d);

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio