Nature's Wonders Bees of the World Vol. 1

Nature's Wonders Bees of the World Vol. 1

Terrorize Dawn or Dusk with some Yellow-Stingy-Stripey-Things. Compatible with DAZ Studio 4.12+ and Poser 11.2+.

Requires Nature's Wonders Bee

This volume is an add-on for the Nature's Wonders Bee Base set. It includes 6 species from the superfamily, Apoidea. This first volume of "Bees of the World" offers a wide offering of flying insects found throughout the world. The species have been carefully chosen to offer a little of everything, from the Short-haired Bumblebee of Eurasia to the Western Cicada Killer of Central and Western America to the deadly Black-bellied Hornet found everywhere but Antarctic. In addition, there is a wasp, a mud dauber and a yellowjacket included to round out the set.

These six "Yellow-Stingy-Stripey-Things" are just what your renders need to be abuzz of excitement and detail.

Bees of the World comes in both Poser and DAZ Studio native versions and support Firefly, 3Delight, Superfly and Iray render engines.

What's Included & Features

  • Apoidea Species (.cr2, .duf)
    • Short-haired Bumblebee (Queen/Worker/Drone)
    • Western Cicada Killer
    • Black-and-Yellow Mud Dauber
    • Black-bellied Hornet
    • Common Wasp (Queen/Worker/Drone)
    • Southern Yellowjacket (Queen/Worker/Drone)
  • Illustrated PDF Manual on how to use the Product and a Field Guide on the included Apoidea species
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Compatible Software DAZ Studio 4.12+, Poser 11.2+
Release Date Jul 31, 2020
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio