Shaaramuse Audio: Dogpound

Shaaramuse Audio: Dogpound

Enjoy 41 high quality dog sounds sound recordings!
- 24/96 full quality uncompressed .wav
- 100% original recordings
- Great variety
- Perfect for audiovisual presentations, games, movies, webpages etc.

Many unusual and usual dog recordings, of dogs in all sizes, groups, locations and distances, ranging from the hyperactive terrier to the big german shepherd causing his bark to echo across the hills, to howling, whining, running and big groups of dogs. Perfect for all your canine sound needs, and also a great starting point to create creature sounds!

No dogs were harmed in these recordings. All sounds reflect normal dogs in a variety of everyday emotional states and situations.

Dog Barks Big_Alley 01-02.wav
Dog Barks Big_Alley03_Somebirds.wav
Dog Barks Big_Rural01.wav
Dog Barks Big_VeryDistant01.wav
Dog Barks Big_VeryDistant02.wav
Dog Barks Dogpound_Interior_01.wav
Dog Barks Dogpound_Interior_01_Distant.wav
Dog Barks Dogpound_Interior_02.wav
Dog Barks Dogpound_Interior_02_Distant.wav
Dog Barks Dogpound_Interior_03.wav
Dog Barks Dogpound_Interior_03_Distant.wav
Dog Barks Group01_Alley.wav
Dog Barks Group01_Alley_Aggressive.wav
Dog Barks Group02_Dry.wav
Dog Barks Group03_Lightecho.wav
Dog Barks Group04_Lightecho.wav
Dog Barks Medium_Alley01.wav
Dog Barks Medium_Excited_Verydry.wav
Dog Barks Medium_Multidist_DifferentTakes_Far.wav
Dog Barks Medium_Multidist_DifferentTakes_Mid.wav
Dog Barks Medium_Multidist_DifferentTakes_Near.wav
Dog Barks Medium 01-03.wav
Dog Barks Small_Chiaua_01.wav
Dog Barks Small_CrazyTerrier01_Barking.wav
Dog Barks Small_CrazyTerrier01_Yelling.wav
Dog Barks Small_Dry.wav
Dog Barks Small_Echo_Somebirds.wav
Dog Barks Small_Ext_Somenoise.wav
Dog Barks Small_Interior_Agitated.wav
Dog Barks Small_Interior_Agitated_Distant.wav
Dog Barks Small_Interior_Lonely.wav
Dog Barks Small_Interior_Lonely_Distant.wav
Dog_Whine_Medium 01-02.wav

Requirements: Any software that can use .wav files

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