SV's INTENSITY Promo Lighting

SV's INTENSITY Promo Lighting

SV's INTENSITY Promo Lighting includes:

- 20 Photometric Iray Light Sets (neutral tones)
- 30 Photometric Iray Rim Lights (to add to the lights + instructions)
- 15 HDR Images (05 Bokeh, 05 Soft Clouds, 05 Light Dots - perfect for backdrops)

- 04 Settings for Vignetting (Off, Low, Medium, High)
- 06 Utility HDRI Intensity Settings (Default, Low, Medium, High, Very High, Ultra High)
- 02 Utility Settings for Dome (On/Off)
- 02 Utility Settings for Lighting Blur (On/Off)
- 02 Utility Settings for Ground Shadows (On/Off)
- 01 Reset Render Settings

- Mix & Match images & lights!


Introducing the 6th set of IRAY INTENSITY lights based off of my very own Iray Lighting needs, built and tested one by one, thoroughly with hours upon hours of adjustments and rendering in my search for more of the perfect lights, perfect settings, perfect HDRI images, perfect neutrals to compliment skin tones with special attention to the needs of PROMOTIONAL images!

Once finished we have Iray INTENSITY Promo Lights, bringing you 20 MORE photometric high quality lights, 30 RIM LIGHTS, and 15 NEW HDRI images PLUS Utility Settings! All right at your fingertips!

Software: Daz Studio 4

3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio