Texture Bank Vol 7 Beside the Seaside

Texture Bank Vol 7 Beside the Seaside

Presenting 'Texture Bank', a catalogue of texture resources for the avid texture artist. The texture bank collection strives to bring high quality and hi-resolution textures for commercial and free rendering projects or products.

All textures created for the texture bank range have been shot using a 'Nikon D5000' digital camera to ensure the crispest detail possible.

The salty sea air fills your lungs as the sand sneaks cheekily between your toes. The call of seagulls’ in the distance, the sun bathing your face…

In this pack, we take you back to those childhood memories of the seaside. These highly detailed textures will add that level of realism to your works. Whether you're texturing a beach, island, or small oasis. These will add that 'something' special and authentic.

Make your textures stand up above the rest and see where your imagination takes you.

This product requires any imaging software that supports JPGs and PNGs
What's Included & Features
  • Beside the Seaside Vol 7:
    05 PNG Decals of Black Sand (1692 x 1992) to (3048 x 2564)

    02 PNG Decals of Feathers in Sand (635 x 520) & (1423 x 469)

    03 PNG Decals of Seaweed (2695 x 1189) to (3346 x 1987)

    03 PNG Decals of Submerged Shells (260 x 444) to (641 x 429)

    01 PNG Decal of Shell Debris (4288 x 2848)

    01 JPG image of a Dog Footpint in sand (1680 x 1680)

    11 JPG images of dry sand ( 05 seamless & 06 not seamless) (1712 x 1712) to (4288 x 2848)

    02 JPG images of Sand & Pavement (2848 x 4288)

    07 JPG images of footprints in sand (2400 x 1508) to (2672 x 1620)

    01 JPG image of Black Debris (not seamless) (2060 x 2060)

    05 JPG images of Wet Sand ( 02 seamless & 03 not seamless) (1588 x 1588) to (4288 x 2848)
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