Texture Bank Vol 5 Historic Stone

Texture Bank Vol 5 Historic Stone

Presenting 'Texture Bank', a catalog of texture resources for the avid texture artist. The texture bank collection strives to bring high quality and hi-resolution textures for commercial and free rendering projects or products.

All textures created for the texture bank range have been shot using a 'Nikon D5000' digital camera to ensure the crispest detail possible.

A moment passes, the present is the past and all that's left inbetween. Humans are fascinating creatures, morphing the landscape and manipulating it for our needs. There's not one place where man has tread that doesn't have some kind of historical value.

In this pack, we celebrate Revaulx Abby in North East Yorkshire. These highly detailed, historic textures will add that level of realism to your works. Whether you're texturing a monument, abby, castle or priory. These will add that 'something' special and authentic.

Make your textures stand up above the rest and see where your imagination takes you.

  • This product Requires Image Software that Supports JPGs and PNGs
Compatible 3D Figures
Compatible 3D Software
What's Included & Features
  • 45 Historic Stone (.JPG)
    • 1 Ancient Grafiti (1512x1464)
    • 1 Carvings (2178x1488)
    • 1 Decorative Tile (1914x1548)
    • 1 Decorative Tile in Grass (4288x2848)
    • 1 Fine Gravel (Not Seamless) (2800x1860)
    • 3 Fine Gravel (Seamless) (4042x4042) to (5264x5264)
    • 2 Mud and Grass (Not Seamless) (4288x2848)
    • 1 Red Sandstone (Not Seamless) (4288x2848)
    • 1 Red SandStone (Seamless) (3616x3616)
    • 2 Sandstone (Seamless) (4632x4632) (4240x4240)
    • 2 Sandstone (Not Seamless) (4180x2480) (4288x2304)
    • 7 Stone Tiles (Not Seamless) (1291x1291) to (2724x2004)
    • 10 Stone Walls (Not Seamless) (1460x2036) to (4288x2848)
    • 6 Terracotta Floors (Not Seamless) (2279x2848) to (4288x2848)
    • 5 Terracotta Floors (Seamless) (4112x4112)
    • 1 Window (Not Seamless) (1836x2400)
  • 13 Decal (.PNG)
    • 9 Dead Moss (648x940) to (4288x2848)
    • 1 Orange Moss (1240x712)
    • 2 Stained Moss (4288x1616) (4288x2848)
    • 1 Stained Stone and Moss (4288x2848)
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