ML Fantasy Eyes for Raffael

ML Fantasy Eyes for Raffael

This is a beautiful set with fantasy eyes for the figure Raphael 3Dream. What's Included:

- 14 different Iris styles (incl pupil), each in 6 variations, a total of 84 Mat-poses
(you found it in the folder: /Materials/Mirella/ML_FanEyesRaffael/05_Iris_with_Pupil)

- The same 14 Iris styles and variations, but also incl. Sclera a total of 84 Mat-poses
(folder: /Materials/Mirella/ML_FanEyesRaffael/02_WhiteScleraEyes)

- 15 Mat-poses with Full Sclera Eyes (The eye-white is also there on the iris and pupil)
(folder: /Materials/Mirella/ML_FanEyesRaffael/03_FullScleraEyes)

- The same 15 Sclera Mats you get also as separate Mat-poses only for the Sclera
(folder: /Materials/Mirella/ML_FanEyesRaffael/04_Sclera_only)

- For more variations this set included also 9 Mat-poses only for the pupil
(folder: /Materials/Mirella/ML_FanEyesRaffael/06_Pupil_only)

- 4 Mat-poses for Eye-Reflection
(folder: /Materials/Mirella/ML_FanEyesRaffael/01_Eye-Reflection)

You can mix many options. Try it like you like it.
There are trifles to note: If you want an iris with sclera material, but another sclera,
then first select a matpose from the FullScleraEyes folder and then a sclera from the Sclera_only folder.
Finally, you can use another pupil from the pupil_only folder.
The matposes in the folders FullScleraEyes and WhiteScleraEyes always change the entire eye (sclera, iris and pupil), but not the reflection.
If you want to change the reflection, select one from the Eye-Reflection folder.

Usage Tips or Limitations:

This package can be used as a Merchant Resource, but only for your character creations for sale.
It is not allowed to create other merchant resources or eye sets with this package.

Please note the usage in your readme.

Software: Poser 10 / Poser Pro 2014 +, Poser 9 / Poser Pro 2012 +, Poser 11

Compatible figures: Raffael

Compatible figures: 
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