Adventurer's Toybox Weapons Pack 2

Adventurer's Toybox Weapons Pack 2

Haille Valley is proud to present a fine pack of five weapons ranging from the nearly obscene to the finest offering of bladed tools.

Starting off, we have the Eraphin Staff! Nearly ideal for your day-to-day techno-mage, this staff features a range of options! With an umbrella shield, this tool is quite useful for defense from enemy fire or just the average rainy day! With the plasma blade feature, the staff turns into a lance with a deadly point to make. With the ranged feature, the plasma it generates launches forward as a powerful cannon. But wait, that's not all! Because the mages themselves have their own abilities, the staff functions as a focus for their magic! With a holographic feather display, seeing that the users are working their trade is never easier! What techno-mage's staff would be complete without its very own 'loading' spinner holograms! We kid, these holograms are for the hackers of our customers. Place the butt against any electronic device, and voila! It will be unlocked for your pleasure.

Next up, we offer a more... mundane if the brutish toy, the Heavy Mace. This device is 40 lbs of pure metal, though, with its on-board gravity engine, it sure doesn't feel like it to the user. The Heavy Mace also features an extendable handle, for those who like an extra-long reach, as well as a surprise Pile Bunker spike, hidden in the tip. This is for those who enjoy a little more range to their melee combat.

Next up, we have the unique crossbow, Last Whisper. Featuring segmented limbs and a classic hardwood body, this crossbow is a mean one. Each limb joint has a modular spring ranging from three pounds to a full twenty pounds, making this beast of a rogue's tool ideal for both beginner and expert.

A first for our weapon's packs, we are offering the Pixetic Puck, a semi-autonomous drone that doubles as a flight pack. Utilizing the ATVE Firebrand's gravitic technologies, this weapons drone features two modes in which it's variable geometry body will function in. The first is its 'stored' or weapon mode. Utilizing the gravity engine, it focuses energy down the length to project a large stream of energy, burning anything in its path. ~ The second mode is the Pixetic part. Shifting the variable geometry around, the Puck takes the form of a pair of pixie wings, anchored directly to the back of its user. (Though, not in contact with it.) Allowing for multiple avenues of movement, the hardware is also capable of projecting its own holographic wings for... extra flare.

And last, but certainly not least, we are offering our celebrated combat knife, a low-tech tool that every adventurer must-have, our Stormrider's Kai. Painstakingly molded and tested for comfort in normal and reverse grips, this blade is designed to be an irreplaceable every-day carry item for you!

We hope you enjoy these Toybox Weapons and make sure to come again for all of your Adventuring Toys.

What's Included and Features

  • Adventurer's Toybox Weapons Pack 2 (.DUF)
    • Weapon One: Seraphin Staff
      • Arm Poses: 6 Dials
      • Body Poses: 3 Dials
      • Holographics - Shield: 2 Dials
      • Holographics - Side: 1 Dial
      • Holographics - Spinners: 2 Dials
        • Four wearables poses, two Genesis 8 Female and Male.
        • One plasma bolt prop, w/two wearables poses. (Plasma bolt and lance.)
    • Weapon Two: Heavy Mace
      • Three base dials:
        • Four wearables poses, two Genesis 8 Female and Male.
    • Weapon Three: Last Whisper
      • Three base dials:
        • One arrow prop
        • Four wearables poses, two Genesis 8 Female and male.
    • Weapon Four: Pixetic Puck w/ two base load poses
      • Pixie mode: 9 dials
      • Weapon mode: 2 dials
        • Two wearables poses, one Genesis 8 Male, and one Female.
    • Weapon five: StormRiders Kai - Parented Dagger w/ scabbard
      • Five wearable load positions for the scabbard.
      • Eight wearable poses, four for Genesis 8 Male and Female.
    • Textures Include:
      • 58 Texture Maps (4096 x 4096)

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8 Male

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.12

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install

Compatible figures: