Original Figure with Morphs and Poses

A dark shadow stretches wide across the ground, cast by the outstretched wings of the massive creature descending upon you, it's lungs heaving, taking in the air that will fuel the incinerating stream of doom you know will soon be your end. The wings of the wyrm are upon, and you will know the wrath of the Dragonz!

"Dragonz: Wings of the Wyrm" is an original figure from Sixus1, designed exclusively for Poser 9/2012 and incorporating one of the most advanced feature sets available in the market today including:

Full Body Morphs: Full body morphs "Emaciated", "Heavy", "Massive Mucle", "Fat Belly" and "Smooth Surface"

Remote Controls for Fingers and Toes: Hand and feet all feature remote control rigs, standard to all Sixus1 figures, which allow for fast posing of fingers and toes without having to select them. Just click on the hand or foot, open up the dials and pose the digits as needed.

Wings that really work: the wings on the Dragonz have incorporated the latest in skin weights capability that Poser has to offer and expanded on them with an extensive set of "ghost bones", all driven by easily accessible dials found on each wing, allowing these membranous appendages to move based on bone for each digit, giving a smoother, more natural deformation built around actual rotations instead of the linear deformations of vertex morphs commonly used to manipulate wings in the past. Preset typse of movements such as Collapse Tight (bringing the wings down to the Dragonz' sides) and Curl have been included for fast posing, meanwhile dials driving the rotation of each segment of the wing's digits are includedd for another level of control, for the deepest level of fine tuning.

Still and Animated Poses: 12 poses are included, six of which are looping animations. Use these in your own animated renders, or simply arrow left/right to move the Poser timeline and watch the movement until you find exactly that perfect moment for your render.

Expertly optimized model topology: Sure, computers are faster now than ever, but why waste that power on a model with exponentially more polygons than are really needed? Dragonz features an expertly crafted, 100% airtight topology that weighs in an amazingly light 24,100 polys, less than 1/3 of the polygon count of a Victoria 4. Rendered with displacement and render time smoothing turned on, however, takes full advantage of Poser's ability to subdivde the model at render time and bring to bear high end mapping techniques, the same found in next gen gaming and film development, to give the model exactly the high resolution details needed, when you need it.

Facial Morphs: as with every Sixus1 creature, Dragonz includes a full compliment of useful and creative facial morphs to bring expression and life to your renders.

ERC (Enhanced Remote Control): Another standard in most Sixus1 figures, ERC dials are found throughout the neck and tail of the Dragonz, giving you the ultimate in fast, precise control from any point along these multi-part appendages.

On-going Support: With three character packages already in place and more to come, expect to see the Dragonz useability expand exponentially as new support packages are on their way!

Product Requirements and Compatibility:
Poser 9 & 2012

Poser 9 / Poser Pro 2012 +

Animals for Poser and Daz Studio