The abandon hospital

The abandon hospital

The abandon hospital - by 3D-Mobster 2014

Product Description
An old and abandon hospital scenery, build up from 43 amount of props. The scene comes with a basic layout of walls and floors and a roof section.
All other props can be moved around any way its desired. The hospital it self consist of 3 main rooms, the waiting area a sick bay and a mortuary.

Doors, normal size windows, information desk door and hospital beds can be manipulated and have limits to them. And
uses the normal rotation dials in poser such as X,Y,Z.

The cloth curtain is setup using dynamic cloth see promotion images for how to use it. Those only using Daz3d need some other
way of doing dynamic cloth, if they want to use that prop to its full.

Almost all objects using glass comes with two versions of glass, a performance friendly one that doesn´t reflect and one that does. These can be found
in the material library and are organized based on item, so they are easy to find.

The scenery focus is on the interior of the hospital so there is just a simple ground plane added with a basic aspalt texture.

Any program capable of importing OBJ files can use this package.

Product have been tested in Daz3D and works there as well, but notice that cloth curtain is set up for dynamic cloth in poser
and will therefore not work in Daz3d unless there are some other way of simulating it.

List of props
Anatomy poster
Bowl empty
Bowl with fluid x 2
Ceiling lamp
Ceiling sign
Cloth screen
Concrete pillar
Curtain holder without cloth
Entrance door
Exit sign
File cabinet
Flask empty
Flask with fluid x 2
Hospital bed
Indoor fence
Information desk
Iron fence
Iron ladder
Large window
Morgue bed
Morgue bench
Morgue door
Normal window
Pipes and Ventilation system (Indoor)
Roof fence
Roof stair
Roof ventilator
Wooden screen
Double swing door
Wall shelf x 2
Walls and floors

Requirements: Poser 10+, Daz3d or any program capable of reading OBJ files. (Notice that one of the prop uses poser cloth room, so will be static in other software unless capable of cloth simulations)

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