Ada's Country Coffee Shop for Poser

Ada's Country Coffee Shop for Poser

This Victorian era house was converted into a modern and extremely popular coffee house - Ada's Coffee House! Guests can enjoy a fine cup out on the front porch or inside a spacious serving area. Special guests can use a back room that has a comfortable couch and even a fireplace - recently expanded to be a complete tea room, with cart and tea cake. There is a beautiful wood counter and glass display case for treats, and behind the counter you can find stocked shelves, modern espresso machines and a pair of sinks for washing up. A fully equipped bathroom is upstairs, in addition to extra rooms you can populate.

Home Town Volume 1 is a collection of models based on classic American country towns found along or off a highway- as they appear now, but much as they would appear at the turn of the century. Each building has a post victorian look, with some modern conveniences but with modification can be easily used for almost any modern era.

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