Net Rack and Gillnetter Boat for Poser

Net Rack and Gillnetter Boat for Poser

Though disappearing from many coastal and river towns of North America, the net rack is a work building where local fishermen store their fishing nets and also do some basic maintenance and repair to their gillnetter boats. This net rack has seen many years of use, though it offers some comforts, including an ancient soda pop machine, refrigerator and an old stove for warming hands and food. A front porch and entry allow land side access. Even includes a small gillnetter craft!

Home Town Volume 1 is a collection of models based on classic American country towns found along or off a highway- as they appear now, but much as they would appear at the turn of the century. Each building has a post Victorian look, with some modern conveniences but with modification can be easily used for almost any modern era.

Software: Poser 7+

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