Cooks Grand Banks Dory Set For Vue

Cooks Grand Banks Dory Set For Vue

This item contains an accurate scale model of Cook's Grand Banks Dory, and a large stormy, rolling water planes set for making a turbulent ocean scene for the dory.

The Grand Banks dories were used as fishing boats during the 1850's on the shallow waters of the Grand Banks off of Newfoundland (Northern Atlantic Ocean). They were rowed by one or two fishermen, and sometimes sailed as the fishermen search for cod and haddock. Typically, fishermen would set forth from a sailing "mothership" two or three times a day, returning with their catches, and spending the nights on the mothership.

Cook's Grand Banks Dory is modeled to exact scale and detail, based on the original boat plans. The oars can be moved, placed in the boat or placed in rowing position. Sometimes, a single oar was placed in the opening on the transom at the rear of the boat and used to "scull" the boat, moving it forward.

The high wave, rolling ocean planes in this set have foam crests and are designed to create a more turbulent sea setting than the standard Vue water planes will allow. You can place the Dory anywhere you wish on these ocean surfaces. The Dory has a transparent plug used to create a dory-shaped "hole" in the surface of an ocean plane, so that the Dory can be placed down into any water surface plane and eliminating the appearance of water inside the Dory

Software: Vue 9

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