Simple Ocean Surfaces For Vue - Standard Package

Simple Ocean Surfaces For Vue - Standard Package

One of the most useful things you can have for nautical scenes are the Simple Ocean Surfaces.

These are large, square objects that provide photo-realistic ocean surfaces - with the depth to realistically capture the light and and shadows of the rolling open ocean.

They allow for precise placement of objects against the contours of waves, and precise color control of the ocean's waters.

They are tileable for infinite ocean views.

Best of all, they are Eco-Paintable!

Imagine trailing yellow flowers behind a sailboat, or surrounding a boat with stars in a moonlight scene. Paint foam and whitecaps! Paint shipwreck debris! Paint masses of fish, floating seagulls or masses of kelp!

This "Standard" package contains five different ocean surfaces whose waves have low to moderate depth and choppiness. The Ocean Surfaces in this first set are unmistakably open ocean, but the waves are not so high as to be storm-tossed, nor so low as to be flat and uninteresting.

You can use these for most daylight, sunset and night scenes where you are positioning boats and other small craft, buoys and shipwrecks with close-up views. These also are great for fishing and scuba dive scenes.

Cook's Catboat and the red ocean buoy are not included in this package. They are in other Vue products available here at Renderosity (or that will become available soon). But, just for fun, the isohedral crystals used to demonstrate Eco-Painting of the Simple Ocean Surface (main picture) are included in this package.

Software: Vue 9

Props for Poser and Daz Studio