Blue-Trimmed Garden Shed For Vue

Blue-Trimmed Garden Shed For Vue

An elegant little garden shed with blue trim and a metal geckgo on the door.

The door can be opened and closed to display interior shelves, pots, potting bench and garden tools. (or you can put a light into the shed and see the interior contents through the front window.

The shed has an overhead wooden lattice and wall-height lattices on either side. These can be used for climbing plants, available in the Ecosystem Painting versions of Vue, or through purchase of climbing plants from E-On Software. (The author can provide climbing roses or wisteria for a very small charge, by sending a note to Forester via Rendo Mail.)

The garden shed has an old wooden water hose post, with faucet and hanging water hose. This can be put anywhere in your scene.

There also is an unusual post-style wooden birdhouse with thin-cut wooden waves that form its roof tiles. This can be put anywhere in your scene, posed on a wall or fence, or posed on a shed wall.

A metal rake and a watering can of old French style are on the porch of the shed.

Inside the shed are seven terracotta pots of different sizes and styles, two rubber pots of different sizes, and three different shovels.

All the objects can be given different Vue materials, as you desire. The shed building has exposed sub-components so that you can given these different materials also.

Software: Vue 9

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