Deeper Catacombs

Deeper Catacombs

Catacombs are subterranean passageways and rooms used for burial purposes or for storing bones from surface cemeteries. Now we descend even further and deeper into undergound to discover large complex of older burial chambers filled with ancient bones and skulls. Some of them are placed into strange looking nooks carved into rock walls or on crude massive columns... it seems that somebody arrange skulls on these places for some sinister purpose, perhaps for some dark ritual of corpse reanimating... Who knows?

Included are:
17 props or prop collections
(burial chamber parts, masonry, bone stacks, morphing skull, rock columns, rock walls with nooks...)

3 burial chambers presets
3 main camera presets
5 dramatic multilight presets

Scaled to poser people, 4kx4k textures, product is intended for closeups,

Poser 7+

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio