The Great Room

The Great Room

The Great Room is an Elegant 3 Dimensional Backdrop for all your Poser Characters, Furniture and accessories. This Model comes with lots and lots of material options. All of the walls may be hidden for camera purposes. Also the there is an extra section of floor that seamlessly extends past the walls, so you will have floor in the foreground when you put your camera outside the walls. That section may be hidden as it would block the scenery when you have a camera pointed towards the outside windows. The mirror over the Fireplace may be moved around if you like and it has width and height morphs.

Each of the 28 Family Photos may be moved around and scaled to the size you like, as well as they may each be hidden.

1 Pose included to hide them all in one, double click.

Doors do not open, as this is a stationary model.

~~~~ Here is what is included with the set ~~~

1 Figure "The great Room" with 2,000 Foot Diameter SkyDome along with the image it needs for the scenery is included.

~~~ Poses ~~~

18 Pose Sets Hide Show

1 Show All pose for when you are not sure what is hidden and what is not.

1 Hide Show Carpet Runner with Carpet Stays

1 Hide Show Carper Stays, ( the rod and brackets that hold the carpet down)

1 Hide Show Ceiling

1 Hide Show Mirror

1 Hide Show Outer Floor

1 Hide Show Panels on the Wainscot under the Chair Rail

1 Hide Show Portraits

1 Hide Show All 10 Rugs at once

1 Hide Show Shoe Mold for when you have a carpet flooring instead of hardwood or tile

1 Hide Show Front Wall

1 Hide Show Kitchen Wall

1 Hide Show Left Wall

1 Hide Show Left Wall Upper which has an extended floor as well above the lower wall

1 Hide Show Master Bedroom Wall at end of the Hallway

1 Hide Show Rear Wall which included the Stairway

1 Hide Show Right Side Wall

1 Hide Show All Walls at the same time

~~~ Materials ~~~

149 Texture Maps including Diffuse,Bump,Transparancy and Displacement Maps

1 Default .mc6 to put back to original loading materials

21 Carpet Runners for the Stairway. Some Oriental Rug, some Carpet

17 Casework .mc6 files that apply to 25 Material zones in one shot.

40 Floor Materials 7 Random Wood Plank, 16 Tile, 6 Parquet, 11 Carpet

18 Miscellaneous Materials 7 Metals, 1 Marble, 10 Paints

40 Single Wall Coverings. 10 Paints, 15 Wallpapers, 15 Wallpapers bump only, white my be tinted

via the diffuse color swatch


20 Camera Poses

20 Matching Posing lights, so you can see what you are doing.

This model is 42,690 four sided Polygons.

Furniture and Truck not included.

Rugs are included.

All renders completed in Poser

All content by Dreamland Models

Not tested in Daz Studio or any other program

May not be used in Second Life for any purpose.

Product requirements

Poser 8, Poser 9, Poser Pro 2010, Poser Pro 2012, Poser 10, Poser Pro 2014
Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio