1954 Chevy Bel Air

1954 Chevy Bel Air

Dreamland Models presents a brand new line of Low Polygon Count Vehicles
Have you ever tried to have more than one or two cars in a scene and discover that too many cars can kill your render times? Or even not have enough power to render the scene?

Well rest easy.
This product is a Low Polygon Count Vehicle with a Simple Interior.
It is designed to allow you to have many, many Vehicles in a scene.
Populate a car lot? No problem.
Want Vehicles all over your City Street? No problem.
They are designed in such a way that you can even use them up pretty close and will have a hard time seeing any difference from those other cars you see around that are anywhere from 250,000 to 1,000,000 polygons, or more.

This Vehicle has a choice of many different paint jobs, created by the man himself, Bagginsbill
Thank you very much for your endless help on this new line of Vehicles!
They come from bagginsbill's BB2 Shader pack. A merchant resource.
Just select the Vehicle in the material room and apply one of the many Paint materials to it.

~~~~~ Features ~~~~~
Rigging by Dreamland Models
~~~~~ Select the Body and there are many different controls.
All controls are on the Body Default selected when loading the Vehicle
1 Toy Real spinner so you can fit this Vehicle in a child's hand as a toy or use full size.
~~~ DRIVE ~~~
1 Drive spinner Drives the Vehicle and the wheels turn as they should as the Vehicle moves Forward or Backward.
1 Drive Direction spinner Direction the car can drive
1 Turn After driven spinner to turn the Vehicle once you are far away from world zero.
Poser does not let the body center point move with the Vehicle so it would swing in a huge arc without this control
~~~ WHEELIE ~~~
1 Down Up spinner for doing a wheelie
~~~ STEERING ~~~
1 Left Right spinner that controls both Front Wheels as well as the Steering Wheel.
Turn the wheels Left or Right and the steering wheel turns as you would expect.
~~~ ANTENNA ~~~
1 Left Right spinner
1 Front Back spinner
1 Tilt spinner
The Antenna may be moved from the Left side of the car to the Right or from the front to the back may also be tilted in all four positions
~~~ EXHAUST Left ~~~
1 Move Left to Right spinner
~~~ EXHAUST Right ~~~
1 Move Right to Left spinner
~~~ SCOOP ~~~
1 Length spinner
1 Height spinner
1 Reverse Forward spinner that turns the Rear tires at the same speed
~~~ WIPERS ~~~
1 Down Up spinner
~~~ AIR FILTER ~~~
1 Move up Down spinner
~~~~~~~ POSES ~~~~~~~
(1) Air Filter Show/Hide
(2) Bonnet Show/Hide
(3) Exhaust Left Show/Hide
(4) Exhaust Right Show/Hide
(5) Exhaust Top Show/Hide
(6) EXTRAS Hide Show/Hide
(7) Front Logo Show/Hide
(8) Hood Line Show/Hide
(9) Luggage Rack Show/Hide
(10) Pipes Show/Hide
(11) Ports Show/Hide
(12) Scoop Show/Hide
(13) Side Fins Show/Hide
(14) Wheel Covers

~~~~~~ MATERIALS ~~~~~~
45 Paint All .mc6
45 Paint Lower .mc6
45 Paint Upper .mc6
45 Car Stripes .mc6
1 Default to put the Car back to the way it was when you load it into Poser .mc6
4 Misc Lights On and Off Windows Dark Light .mc6
12 Neon including turned off material .mc6
This Vehicle is 38,172 polygons
All content by Dreamland Models
Not tested in Daz Studio.

Product requirements

Poser 8 and above with current Service Packs
Transportation for Poser and Daz Studio