39 Coupe for DS

39 Coupe for DS

From the old days, when cars were built like tanks, comes the 39 Coupe.
Used by Ridge Runners, High Society, to the average Joe alike, this is one sweet ride!
Has many different hide show switches to give you a great variety of scenes.
Being a well-designed car with your computer's resources in mind,
(47,830 Quads) you can put a bunch of these in a scene without taxing your system.
Also comes with a few little extra props to round out your images.
See the product features for a list of the props included with this car.

~~~ Here is what is included with the set ~~~

39 Coupe(.DUF)
39 Coupe:
Fog Lamps Height
Drive Forward/Reverse
Bonnet On/Off
Fog Lamps On/Off
Front Exhaust Visibility
Hood Line Visibility
Luggage Rack Visibility
Mud Flaps Visibility
Neon Visibility
Rear Exhaust Left/Right/Both
Trunk Line Visibility
Wheel covers Visibility
Wheels Visibility
Antennae Left/Right
Dual Exhaust Left/Right/Spread
Gas Caps Left/Right
39 Coupe On Blocks

~~~ Props ~~~

Blocks Stacked
Concrete Block
Rag dForce
Rag with 18 poses
Empty Box

~~~ Materials ~~~

All Lights Off
All Lights On
Backup Lights Off
Backup Lights On
Brake Light Off
Brake Light On
Fog Lights Off
Fog Lights On
Front Signals Off
Front Signals On
Head Lamps Off
Head Lamps On
04 Concrete Block
10 Rags
10 Neon Lights
10 New Car Paint Colors
10 Matching Flames for the hood
New Paint Primer
10 Old Car Paint Colors
01 Old Paint Primer
16 New Primers
16 Old Primers
24 Wheel material Options
Textures Include:
1,172 Texture, Displacement, Normal, and Specular Maps (580 x 185 to 2048 x 2048)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)


All promotional images, completed in Daz Studio
Objects not included in this description are not included.
May not be used in Second Life, or any other online game, for any purpose.
All content by Dreamland Models.
You may use this package in any commercial or non commercial renders.
You cannot resell the files or include them in another product or package.
You may not give it away as a gift, or offer it for free downloading.

Props for Poser and Daz Studio