1951 Chevy Panel Van

1951 Chevy Panel Van

Dreamland Models, bagginsbill, and PhilC present a brand new line of Low Polygon Count Vehicles.
Have you ever tried to have more than one or two cars in a scene and discover
that too many cars can kill your render times? Or even not have enough power to render the scene?

Well rest easy.

This product is a Low Polygon Count Car with a simple interior.
It is designed to allow you to have many, many vehicles in a scene.
Populate a car lot? No problem.
Want cars all over your City Street? Easy.
They are designed in such a way that you can even use them up pretty close and will have a hard time seeing any difference from those other cars you see around that are anywhere
from 250,000 to 1,000,000 polygons, or more.

The vehicle has a choice of many different paint jobs, created by the man himself, bagginsbill
Thank you very much for your endless help on this new line of cars and trucks!
Just select the vehicle in the material room and apply one of the many Paint materials to it.
These are not just any material but bagginsbill's famous Car Shader all set up for you and in just a couple clicks and you have your color scheme.

~~~~~~~~ Features

This car was rigged by the best in the business, PhilC. Thank you very much Phil for your perfect work!

~~~~~ Select the Body and there are many different controls.

1 Grow Shrink spinner so you can fit this vehicle in a child's hand as a toy.
1 Drive spinner Drives the truck and the wheels turn as they should as the truck moves front to back.
1 Steer spinner that controls both front wheels
1 Spin All 4 Wheels spinner that spins all four wheels in the same direction and speed intended for animation of the vehicle turning.
1 Burn Rubber spinner that turns the rear tires at the same speed
1 Wiper spinner that controls the wipers.

~~~~~Select the Car Body and there are several controls~~~~~

1 Pull Wheelie spinner for those drag races through town
1 Turn spinner for turning the Pickup
1 Barrel Roll spinner for the horrible accident cause by drag racing through town
1 Move Left Right spinner
1 Move Up Down spinner
1 Move Forward reverse spinner


(1) Horn with Base Show/Hide, (Default Hidden)
Horn with Base Move Front to Back and Horns Rotate (Default Hidden)
(2) Scoop Show/Hide (Default Hidden)
(3) Exhaust Extra Show/Hide (Default Hidden)
(4) Front Logo Show/Hide
(5) Side Logo Show/Hide
(6) Rear Logo Show/Hide
(7) Fog lamps Show/Hide
Fog Lamps also move In and Out
(8) Gas Fill Left/Right (Default Left)
(9) Wheel Covers Show/Hide (Default Hidden)
(10) Front Plate Show/Hide (Default Show)
Front Plate Left/Right (Default Right)
(11) Bird Show/Hide (Default Show)
(12) Hood Line Show/Hide (Default Show)
(13) Sign Sides Show/Hide (Default Hidden)
(14) Sign Rear Show/Hide (Default Hidden)
(15) Side Vents Show/Hide (Default Hidden)
(16) Antenna Left/Right (Default Left)

This car is 62,312 Triangles 31,160 polygons.
All content by Dreamland Models, bagginsbill, and PhilC
Not tested in Daz Studio.

Requirements:  Poser 7 and above

Transportation for Poser and Daz Studio