MS18 Brugge Postal Building & Canal Vue 9+

MS18 Brugge Postal Building & Canal Vue 9+

Title: MS18 Brugge Postal Building Obj FBX Assets.

Limitations: The geometries and textures included herein may not be modified,resold, shared, repackaged or distributed.

First in a series for this period.

This model was based on the painting, The Paalhuis and the Nieuwe Brug, Amsterdam, in the winter, by Jan Abrahamsz. Beerstraten, 1640 - 1666.

Always liked the look of this structure and first modeled it 8 years ago as I was just starting with Modo. This rework was to correct both my earlier modeled skills as well as add additional items to provide some flexibility for the user to make of it as they wanted. Most elements can be duplicated, moved, resized or deleted as desired.

Everything seen in the renders except for the figures and animals is provided.

Software: Vue 9

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio