SceneScapes X2 - The Vault

SceneScapes X2 - The Vault

Dank and dark, full of shadowed corners and half hidden glimpses, the Vault brings you a new dimension to SceneScapes.

Created in the same easy-to-use modular style as the rest of SceneScapes, this set provides an enclosed environment for your renders. You can quickly and easily build a vault of any desired size. Set lights to place fantastic shadows and set a dramatic scene. All the eleven included figures feature vaulted ceilings as well as an assortment of edge features comprised of doors, arches and walls, so it can either be fully enclosded, or it can open out into a wider SceneScapes. Although this is primarily intended to be used from inside, all the pieces except the vaulted section enable this set to fit seamlessly with existing SceneScapes outside design, and allow for dark mysterious openings into the Vault fromoutside in a wider SceneScapes setting.

Included figures:
1Arch - Edge with anarch leading in/out
1Door - Edge with double doors leading in/out
1Wall - Edge with blank wall
2Arch - Corner with double doors on two sides
2Door - Corner with double doors on two sides
2Wall - Corner with walls on two sides
Arch_Wall - Corner with one arch and one wall
Door-Wall - Corner with one double door and one wall
Vaulted Section - Internal
Wall-Arch - Croner with one wall and one Arch
Wall-Door - Corner with one wall and one double door.

This product was previously sold at RuntimeDNA

Poser 7+

Requirements:  Formerly available at RDNA or DAZ

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio