SceneScapes X3 - Elevation

SceneScapes X3 - Elevation

Up, up and away! Take your artistic visions ever higher with SceneScapes Elevation. This new 69-prop set offers the opportunity for soaring balconies, level changes, and suspended walkways. Fitting in perfectly with existing SceneScapes products, this set features precision scale and movement enabling you to build scenes with unparalled accuracy. Move everything exactly where you need it and create scenes from small and cosy, through to immense!

The props in this set fall into three basic categories, plus one set of sdtairs. The types of Balcony pices are: Type W, which comes with walled edges. Type S, which features spindled edges. Type I, with feature no edges and are intended as infell, to create larger balcony areas. All balcony props come in two variants: with a supporting pillar, and without. All the typeW and type S props come with varying arrangements of edges, with edges on a single side, edges on two adjoining sides, edges on two opposite sides and edges on three sides. In addition, all types come with varying arrangements of corner posts. The type I sections also feature differing arrangements of edge fascias, enabling them to be used as flooring for open areas of SceneScapes where walls need topping off.

Included in this set:
12 Type I infill sections
28 Type S spindled sections
28 Type W walled sections
1 stairs section

This product was previously sold at RuntimeDNA

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