Victorian Era Street

Victorian Era Street

Victorian Era Street - updated for DS Iray 2019!

Previously only for Poser 7+ this set now also has a DS Iray zip file included!
The DS version has adjusted street lanterns with candles, not included with the Poser version
The Poser version has not been updated & includes day, night, snowy or clear - four (4) pre-built scenes for each setting, not included in DS
If you have already purchased this set you may download the new zip file for DS for free in your account!

- Included Props for DS & Poser -

- 03 Pre-Load All Options (DS ONLY, Poser version comes with pre-load scene files)
- Load All Props with Snow & Snow Drifts
- Load All Props without Snow with Snow Drifts
- Load All Props without any Snow or Snow Drifts

- 02 Victorian Era Streets (one with snow one without, choose either one, do not use both together)
- 03 Snow Drifts
- 13 Unique Houses/Buildings that all load separate
- 01 Set of Street Lamps (loads a row of street lamps as one prop)
- 01 Single Street Lamp (to add as many as you like simply duplicate it)
- 03 Sets of Props for the store fronts, Palm Reader Props/Shoppe Props/Pawn Shop Props
- 05 Signs for above the shops, Glasses/Shoe/Hat/Inn/Pawn Shop Signs

- Materials Included for DS -

- 01 Reset for each of the 13 Houses/Buildings
- Window Snow for each of the 13 Houses/Buildings
- Snow for Houses 1-7, 11, 12

- Materials are also included for Poser for Snow on the Windows/Houses

- Other Includes for Poser ONLY -

- 06 Lights
- 09 Cameras

- For a complete file lists please see the online readme.txt file

- Thank you and Happy Holidays from Sveva & LukeA

Software: Poser 7+, DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Requirements:  Poser 6,7,8 Daz Studio

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio