ATVE Firemoth

ATVE Firemoth

We here at Haille Valley are proud to present to you for your heavy enforcement needs, the Firemoth Gunship. Designed with heavy combat in mind, this craft comes standard with twenty-four medium class plasma turrets, six heavy lateral plasma cannons per side and twin Terra-watt lasers. Last but not least, are the eight stationary chase plasma-casters underneath the cockpit.

Not to be outdone by its armament, the Firemoth also comes standard with eight camera spheres with lighting included at no extra charge. To assist in maneuvering in any environment, the Firemoth is also equipped with four articulated winglet fins as well as eight thruster equipped air-brake panels.Each Firemoth is also equipped with two seats protected by a polarizing transpara-metal alloy for the ultimate in protection against projectiles and explosives. With seven engine thrusters (Not including those in the air-brake wells), this craft should be nimble enough to maneuver through the most challenging of courses. (That it can actually fit through, that is.)

Includes one scene subset of the fully loaded Firemoth, complete with pointlight equipped spotlights to help illuminate the scene more realistically, as well as parented projectiles for each gun. The turrets and broadside cannons only have one pulse per gun to give a sense of extra fire density, but the chase lasers have multiple projectiles in a rigged sequence for those pursuit scenes.

If the scene subset is too much, included is the lighting alone. Loads smart parented to the gunship.

Also included for your viewing pleasure, are five different hull skins for a decent variety:

Navy Grey for those uniform looks.

Military Camo for those with a forested environment to fly through.

White and Orange striped for those with a more cyberpunk aesthetic.

White and orange damaged, just in case you want to get nasty.

Bare metal, for when you want to start over.

What's Included and Features

  • ATVE Firemoth: (.DUF)
  • ATVE Firemoth Gunship:
    • Atmospheric flight: Standard 07 Dials
      • Accelerate
      • Brake
      • Full Dive
      • Full roll (Left and right included)
      • Full Climb
      • Hover
      • Yaw (Left and right included)
    • Broadside cannons: 15 Dials
      • All port cannons sequence
      • All Starboard cannons sequence
      • All cannons sequence (Both sides activate at once)
      • Cannons 01-06 individual sequences, both sides
    • Cameras: 07 dials.
      • All camera lights on
      • 06 individual dials for the camera iris to dilate.
        • Each dial for the cameras are listed by an abbreviation: APC-Aft port camera. PFOC-Port Forward Outer Camera. SFIC-Starboard Forward Inner Camera. Etc.
    • Lasers: 06 Dials
      • 02 Iris dilate Dials
      • 02 Spotlight activation Dials
      • 02 Laser fire Dials
    • Misc: 01 Dial
      • Main Hull Spotlights
  • Scene Subset of the Fully Loaded Firemoth
  • Full Lighting Setup Preset
  • 02 Weapons Fire Effects. Compatible with any Weapon
  • Material Options:
    • 07 Materials: 06 Skins and 02 Canopy Materails
      • Base Metal
      • Military Camoflauge
      • Navy Grey
      • White and Orange Stripes
      • White and Orange Stripes Dirty
      • Canopy Transparent
      • Canopy Polarized
  • 02 Poses for Genesis 8 Male
  • 02 Poses for Genesis 8 Female
    • Pilots Seat
    • Aux seat
  • Textures Include:
    • 14 Texture Maos (256 x 267 to 2577 x 2974)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.10

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install