3DA Jocelyn

3DA Jocelyn

Jocelyn by 3-D Arena is a new "everyday beauty" custom character for Genesis 8 Female. She is perfect for renders from Fantasy to Renaissance to your every day scenes.

Jocelyn includes her own FiberMesh eyebrows & eyelashes. If you prefer not to use those I have included morphs, textures and colours for the default Genesis 8 eyelashes as well as overlay brow in a variety of colours.

As with all current 3-D Arena characters you can select the eyeliner of your choice to be applied over her makeup, you can apply blush separately in different strengths/colours.

When creating Jocelyn one of the things I was concerned about was the thicker body shape in clothing, I didn't want to have her drooping when wearing clothing, to solve this I have included a "Dressed" body option that will lift and create cleavage for her breasts and lift her tushy a bit.

Jocelyn includes a custom pubic shape as well. No morph packages are required!

This product includes metadata! That means that she will show up in your Smart Content Pane. Instructions on installing the metadata are included in a separate text file.

!!! Please note that as Jocelyn is a thicker character you will need to adjust your poses accordingly. Certain poses that have extreme midsection bends or twists will not work as well and will need adjustments. !!!

☆ Included ☆

Shaping for Genesis 8 Female:

- Jocelyn Character Scene Set (loads with Fibermesh brow & lash options)

- Jocelyn Custom Head Apply & Remove
- Jocelyn Custom Body Apply & Remove
- Jocelyn Custom Dressed Body & Remove – A lifted shape

- Custom Square Nails Apply & Remove
- Custom Round Nails Apply & Remove
- Custom Squoval Nails Apply & Remove

- Custom Lash Morph (optional for use with Genesis 8 Default lashes)
>> 04 Lash Length Settings

- Nipples Apply & Remove
>> 2 Nipple Strength settings

- Custom Pubic Morph Apply & Remove

MATS in IRay:

- Full Skin MAT
- 04 Skin Shade options
- 03 Translucency Options

- 06 Brow Overlay Colours + No Brow Option
>> 05 Fibermesh Brow Colour MATs

- 05 Eyelash Colours
>> 05 Fibermesh Eyelash Colour MATs

- 12 Makeup Options + Nude
>> Add/Remove Glitter for Eyeshadows

- 12 Lipstick Options + Nude

- 04 Blush L.I.E. options
- 06 Eyeliner L.I.E. options

- 12 Eye Colours
- 03 Mapped Eye Reflections + default
- 03 Sclera Options

- 12 Nails Options
- 02 Nails Metallic Accent options

Jocelyn’s Fibermesh Brows
Jocelyn’s Fibermesh Lashes

Software: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
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