Biscuits Lexi for Project Evolution

Biscuits Lexi for Project Evolution

Biscuits Lexi for Project Evolution is a character for Project Evolution Standalone Figure for Poser 10/11. The materials use the dual Shader feature in Poser 11, to be able to render in Firefly and Superfly with the same Matfiles.

Lexi comes with a conforming eyebrow figure.

Morphs (Dialed)

- Lexi Face DIALED INJ
- Lexi Face DIALED REM
- Lexi Body DIALED INJ
- Lexi Body DIALED REM

Sculpted Morphs (HD SubD 1 or 2)

- Load All Lexi Sculpted Morphs VALUES* (Body)
- Load All Lexi Sculpted Morphs ZERO

* - HD Lexi Arms
- HD Lexi Cheekbones
- HD Lexi Clavicle
- HD Lexi Eye Bag
- HD Lexi Eye Crease
- HD Lexi Genital
- HD Lexi Knees
- HD Lexi Lacrimal
- HD Lexi Lips
- HD Lexi Nipples
- HD Lexi Nose Detail
- HD Lexi Single Lash Layer
- HD Lexi Tear
- HD Lexi Teeth
- HD Lexi Top Lashes Closer
- HD Lexi Torso Back
- HD Lexi Torso Front

You can adjust the value of the morphs.


- Hide Body Controls INJ
- Hide Body Controls REM


- Default Full Character Texture
- 4 Eyecolor Options (Blue, Brown, Green, Grey)
- 4 Face Options (Default, Liner Both, Liner Upper, Smokey Black)
- 4 Lip Options

Included Conforming Eyebrow Figure for Project Evolution


- Natural Black
- Natural Blond
- Natural Brown
- Natural Red

- Thick Black
- Thick Blond
- Thick Brown
- Thick Red

Software: Poser 10+

Compatible figures: Project E

Required Products: Project Evolution ONE

Compatible figures: 
Characters for Poser and Daz Studio