ESS Arusha G8

ESS Arusha G8

Arusha is a South Asian-and full of Details,Details,Details-Arusha is full of them.From her beautifully Custom sculpted head and body
to her awesome textured skin.Her skin is mix with both Maps and real Photo References. Her make-up
are very light Earth-tones, As well as her Lips. She is so Beautiful you will not want to use any make-up!
She also has a full body Veins Map (L.I.E.) Preset. Can adjust to your desire. Also not to forget her beautiful
arched Fibermesh eyebrows.



System Requirements

This product was tested in DAZ Studio 4.10
This Product was created on a P.C Win 10
This product was not tested on a Mac.

Included in this Package:

*1 Head and Body Morph for ESS Arusha

- ESS Arusha Head INJ
- ESS Arusha Head REM
- ESS Arusha Body INJ
- ESS Arusha Body REM
- ESS Arusha Skin INJ
- ESS Arusha Fibermesh Brows INJ
- ESS Arusha Full Character INJ
- ESS Arusha Nipple INJ
- ESS Arusha Nails Long INJ
- ESS Arusha Nails Short INJ
- ESS Arusha Navel INJ
- ESS Arusha Navel REM
- ESS Arusha Lashes INJ
- ESS Arusha Veins Preset INJ
- ESS Arusha Anatomical Elements INJ
- ESS Arusha Anatomical Elements W/PH INJ


- 01 ESS Arusha Iray Skin Texture
- 01 ESS Arusha Lashes Textures
- 04 ESS Arusha Eyebrow Textures
- 06 ESS Arusha Iray Eye Textures
- 06 ESS Arusha Iray Makeup Textures
- 06 ESS Arusha Iray Lip Textures
- 03 ESS Arusha Iray Nail Textures
- 04 ESS Arusha Iray Nail Shaders
- 01 ESS Arusha Anatomical Elements Texture
- 01 ESS Arusha Anatomical Elements W/PH Texture

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Requirements:  Genesis 8 Body Morphs

Compatible figures: 
Characters for Poser and Daz Studio