DTG Studios' Kyle for M8 & G8M

DTG Studios' Kyle for M8 & G8M

Kyle’s face is a combination of a custom morph and DAZ's Genesis 8 Male & Michael 8 face morphs. His body was sculpted by carefully tweaking DAZ’s Genesis 8 Male & Michael 8 morphs which means better clothing compatability. Kyle’s skin was created using photo resources and hand painting with bump, specularity and subsurface scattering maps specially engineered to bring out every realistic detail. He has 12 unique eye colors. You can choose for him to have a beard or not and more pubic hair or not. There are LIE tattoo options, plus a glossy skin shader. Add a geometry shell and you have the option of a metallic forehead emblem in 6 colors and a gold tooth. Merchant resources were used to create his skin and eyes, but none were used “as is”, so each one is unique to Kyle.

• Kyle Shape
• Kyle Genital Shape
• Nipples INJ & REM
• Default texture MAT
• Glossy & Matte Skin Shaders
• Beard & Beard Gone MATs
• LIE More Pubic Hair MAT
• Genital MAT
• 12 Eyecolor MATs
• 4 Eye Reflections
• LIE Face, Torse, Arm & Leg Tattoo Options
• LIE Eyeliner
• Forehead Emblem for Geometry Shell in 6 Colors
• Gold Tooth for Geometry Shell

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Male, Michael 8

Requirements:  DAZ's Michael 8 & Genesis 8 Male Head & Body Morphs

Compatible figures: 
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