Genesis 8 Wet Body Iray

Genesis 8 Wet Body Iray

Wet Body Iray Genesis 8 based in Daz Geometry shells and Iray Decals is the latest version of the popular Wet Body for Daz Studio series. This version adds new static decal water drop effects and several animated scenes of drops sliding down the skin of both Genesis 8 Female and male to facilitate the animation of water droplets sliding across the skin with your Genesis 8 figures. Each drop has its corresponding aniBlock for total timing and length control of its animation down its skin trail. Combine it with Genesis Alive! and make your character breathe, blink and now sweat in your animations!

Iray Decals are visible in the viewport by activation of the Iray interactive mode. The drop decals allow for drops sliding across skin animation effects using the translate sliders in the Iray Decals Parameters tab or the translation tool depending on your system's strength. Decals are projections that are UV boundary independent. So a drop can start moving in the forehead and travel down to the chest bypassing the neck seams of the UV textures like a drop would move in reality.

Geometry Shells, Daz native second skins as well as Iray Decals make this product UV independent. Specially useful on Genesis 8 figures that may have a different UV than the base. That the water effect resides on a second layer or projection above the character's skin makes it totally independent from other skin effects you may have setup in your character and want to keep, including the ability to try another character or texture on the fly without disturbing your water skin creations that reside on top.

The geometry shell wet effects are visible in viewport without the need to render so the library of shell drops can be used fully interactive. This means you immediately see when you load a drop from the library and you can move its position in the character skin by using the HORIZONTAL OFFSET and VERTICAL OFFSET sliders in the Surface Tab without the need to render or open the Layered Image Editor.

Iray Decals and Geometry Shell Drops are stacked as children of your figure in the Scene Tab so you can toggle on and off visibility of effects and single drops directly on the scene tab.

As with previous sets, with this set you have several double click solutions for full body wet skins, preset pose effects and the ability to detail your particular effect, controlling water placement down to the drop level. Place drops on the forehead of your figure to create a nervous character, or underneath the eyes to create a crying one. Give character to your wet render by having a drop of water come down from the nose bridge to the lip or have water coming out of the mouth. Make it sweaty by having drops slide down from your character's back, neck or navel, or chest and abs. You control your wet scene by having the ability to place your water exactly where you want it.

What's Included and Features

  • Decals Genesis 8 Female and Male:
    • Drops Back of Head
    • Drops from Back of Neck
    • Drops Back of Knee
    • Drops from Back
    • Drops from Butt
    • Drops from Chest
    • Drops from Chin
    • Drops from Forehead
    • Drops from Knees
    • Drops from Left Bicep
    • Drops from Right Bicep
    • Drops from Left Shoulder
    • Drops from Right Shoulder
    • Drops from Stomach
  • Decal drops animated scenes female and male: (includes drop animation as aniBlocks for each drop)
    • Drops travel from forehead to chin
    • Drops travel from chin to collar bone
    • Drops travel from chest to waist
    • Drops travel from stomack to knees
    • Drops travel from knees to feet
    • Drops travel down from back of head to neck
    • Drops travel from neck to back
    • Drops travel from back to butt
    • Drops travel from butt to back of knee
    • Drops travel from back of knee to foot
    • Drops travel from left shoulder to left bicep
    • Drops travel from left bicep to left hand
    • Drops travel from right shoulder to right bicep
    • Drops travel from right bicep to right hand
  • Wet Body Iray Optimized Geometry Shells:
    • 87 Wet Body Shells
    • Rolling Water
    • Rolling Water Cold
    • Rolling Water Oily
    • Rolling Water Subtle
    • Water Beads Cold
    • Water Beads Oily
    • Water Beads Water
    • Drip Nose to Lip
    • Face Sweat
    • Neck
    • Rolling Water Both Cheeks
    • Rolling Drops Both Cheeks
    • Rolling Water from Navel
    • Teardrop LEye
    • Teardrop REye
    • Crying Both Eyes
    • Water from Mouth
  • Drop Library (Reflects Genesis 3 less fragmented DAZ LIE surfaces):
    • 12 Face Drop Library Styles (Face, Lip surfaces)
    • 12 Right Arm Drop Library Styles (Arm, Forearm, Hand)
    • 12 Left Arm Drop Library Styles (Arm, Forearm, Hand)
    • 10 Torso Drop Library Styles (Shoulders, Chest, Neck, Back, Head, Hips)
    • 12 Right Leg Drop Library Styles (Leg, Shins, Feet)
    • 12 Left Leg Drop Library Styles (Leg, Shins, Feet)
    • 12 Iray Decal Library of Drops (.DUF)
    • Illustrated Help Document (.PDF)
  • Textures Include:
    • 166 Texture, Specular, and Transparency Maps (19 x 21 to 4096 x 4096)


  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8 Male, Genesis 3 Female, Genesis 3 Male

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.10

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install