dforce only FurWear WinterElegance Dress G3G8

dforce only FurWear WinterElegance Dress G3G8

dforce only FurWear Winter Elegance Dress G3G8.

At the strike of 12, as 2019 comes in, your lady will be wearing this elegant long gown adorned with a selection of furs.
She'll feel warm and cozy yet so very sexy!
dforce is required to use this product!
Info on dforce: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKdVVimeWRg

**optional: Take Ten Hanger & Wisteria Hanger
*optional: 3 Poses by Danie & Marforno (Flirtylicious Sit 03F & SeductiveGleam Sit 05F & SeductiveGleam Sit 07F)

- 1 Wearable Set G3F
- 1 Wearable Set G8F
- 1 dforce only Dress G3F
- 1 dforce only Dress G8F
- 2 dforce Furs


- Easy to See
- 4 Styles
- 10 Plain colors
- 10 Metallic colors
- 10 Partial Long Plain colors
- 10 Partial Long Metallic colors
- 10 Partial Top (Under Fur) Plain colors
- 10 Partial Top (Under Fur) Metallic colors
- 3 Shine Options for Plain colors + 2 shine specific
- 6 Knits
- 15 Transparency Mat Presets including partials
- 4 Partial Off options + Return to 00
- Utilities: Metallic OFF + Shine OFF

- 26 Fur colors (compatible with Spicy Winter Boots'& Leggings' Furs)
- IRAY Material Presets only
- 5 One click Undress + RESTORE
- 18 One click Windy (including 2 that are only for G3 or G8 Default G3 Body Pose) + RESTORE
- 4 One click To Floor + RESTORE
- *3 Pose Specific G3 + 3 Pose Specific G8
- **5 One click Hang + RESTORE (including 1 for TakeTen Hanger + 1 for Wisteria Hanger)
- Dynamic Restore & All Morphs Restore & 1 Click Restore
- 20 Surface Presets Windy + Default
- 4 Surface Presets Undress + Default
- 3 Partial Surface Presets: Control Back Long + Control Front Long + Top in Place
- Default + Change Style + Crossed Leg + Free Surface Presets

- Dynamic Morphs:

G3F & G8F:
Back Long
Back Short
Back Waist In-Out
BackBottom Out-In
BackLeft Twist
BackLong Back
BackLong Gather
BackLong In-Out
BackLong In-Out2
BackLong In-Out3
BackLong Pull-Push
BackLong Raise Sit Helper
BackLongL Gather
BackLongR Gather
BackRight Twist
BreastL Adjust
BreastR Adjust
Breasts Adjust Front
Breasts Adjust Sides
Breasts Adjust
Breasts Enlarge1
Breasts Enlarge2
Breasts Forward
BreastsCenter Down-Up
BreastsFront Down-Up
Breezy to Left
Breezy to Right
Change Style
Chest Side-Side
Chest Twist
Chest Up-Down
ChestBack Adjust
ChestBack In-Out
ChestCenter Adjust
ChestFront In-Out
ChestL All In
ChestL In-Out
ChestOpening Adjust
ChestOpening Adjust2
ChestR All In
ChestR In-Out
ChestSides In-Out
ChestTop Down-Up
ChestUnderTop In-Out
Fit Panty
Front Bunch
Front Lift
Front Long Front
Front Long
Front Short
Front Waist In-Out
Front+Back Thin
FrontBottom Out-In
FrontLeft Twist
FrontLong Gather
FrontLong In-Out
FrontLong In-Out2
FrontLong In-Out3
FrontLong Pull-Push
FrontLongL Gather
FrontLongR Gather
FrontRight Twist
Hang Over
Hang Over2
L Waist In-Out
Over Chair
R Waist In-Out
Take10 Hang
To Floor1
To Floor2
To Floor3
To Floor4
Top Down1
Top Down2
Top Down3
TopBack Back
TopBack Lower
TopFront Front
TopL Side Out-In
TopRSide Out-In
Waist Adjust
Windy All Back
Windy All Front
Windy Back Back
Windy Back Up
Windy Back to Left
Windy Back to Right
Windy Front Front
Windy Front Up
Windy Front to Left
Windy Front to Right
Windy Long Both to Right
Windy Long to Left
Wisteria Hang

G3F or G8F default G3 Pose:
Windy Back to FrontR
Windy Back to FrontL

SeductiveGleam Sit 05F Dress
SeductiveGleam Sit 07F Dress
Flirtylicious Sit 03F Dress

Flirtylicious Sit 03F Dress G8
SeductiveGleam Sit 05F Dress G8
SeductiveGleam Sit 07F Dress G8


**Hang morph injections also use the hanger from dforce Take Ten G3F/G8F and dforce only Wisteria G3F/G8F products.


† The complete content is not shown in the promotional images above.†

Please see Read me for important simulation and surface preset info and to get the best out of this product.
!USE the surface presets for best results.
Rendered in DAZ Studio 4.10 IRAY
Minimum adjustments or none at all have been made to the dress in all the promotional images .
† Only the dress with associated items and furs are included.†
Thank you for your interest in my products.

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY, DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M), Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 3 Female, Genesis 8 Female

Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio