dforce only Softly Sensuous Dress G3G8

dforce only Softly Sensuous Dress G3G8

dforce only Softly Sensuous Dress G3FG8F.

Elegant day or night.
Softly Sensuous...Softly You!
** Optional: Take Ten Hanger & Wisteria Hanger

- 1 dforce only dress G3F
- 1 dforce only dress G8F

- 11 Mat Presets for the Dress including variations of the same + Easy to See
- 3 OFF Mat Presets + Restore to Default
- IRAY Material Presets only

- 8 One click Special + RESTORE Special
- 5 One click Windy + RESTORE Windy
- 7 One click Do Not Simulate: 2 To Floor/5 Hang (**including 1 for TakeTen Hanger + 1 for Wisteria Hanger) + RESTORE Do Not Simulate
- Dynamic Restore & All Morphs Restore & All 1 Click Restore

- 5 Surface Presets Windy
- 3 Surface Presets Special
- 7 Surface Presets Partials
- Total Restore + Default + Default2

- Optimized G3F Morphs
- Optimized G8F Morphs
- Dynamic Morphs:

G3F & G8F:
Abdomen Pull
All Expand
All Up to Left
All Up to Right
ArmL Inside Adjust
ArmL Inside Adjust2
ArmL Inside Adjust3
ArmR Inside Adjust
ArmR Inside Adjust2
ArmR Inside Adjust3
ArmUnderL Adjust
ArmUnderR Adjust
BackMiddle Opening Pull
BackMiddle2 Opening Pull
BackOpeningL Pull
BackOpeningR Pull
BackTop Opening Pull
Bottom Front Pull
Bottom Front Sides Pull2
Bottom Opening Pull
Bottom Sides Pull
BottomL Pull
BottomR Pull
BreastL Show More
BreastL Show
BreastR Show More
BreastR Show
Breasts Adjust1
Breasts Adjust2
Breasts Smooth
ChestTopBackSideL Adjust
ChestTopBackSideR Adjust
Collar Stylize
CollarBack Lift
CollarBack Up
CollarFront Lift2
CollarFront Long
CollarFront Points Lift
CollarFrontL Lift
CollarFrontR Lift
CollarL Side-Side
CollarR Side-Side
CollarUnderL Adjust
CollarUnderR Adjust
CuffL Bottom Adjust
CuffL Bottom Long
CuffL Bottom Sideview Long
CuffL Sides Adjust
CuffL Top Adjust
CuffR Bottom Adjust
CuffR Bottom Long
CuffR Bottom Sideview Long
CuffR Sides Adjust
CuffR Top Adjust
Cuffs Bottom Adjust
Cuffs Ruffle
Cuffs Short
Cuffs Top Adjust
Decolte Open Adjust Large Breasts
Decolte Open
Decolte OpenL
Decolte OpenR
Front Adjust
HipBack Pull
HipFront Pull
HipL Pull
HipR Pull
Panty Helper
SideL Pull
SideR Pull
SleeveCuffL PullDown
SleeveCuffR PullDown
Take10 Hang
ThighL Up
ThighR Up
Thighs Up
Thighs Up2
To Floor
To Floor2
To Left
To Right
Wisteria Hang
**Hang morph injections also use the hanger from dforce Take Ten G3F/G8F and dforce only Wisteria G3F/G8F products.

† The complete content is shown in the promotional images above.†

Please see Read me for important simulation and surface preset info and to get the best out of this product.
!USE the surface presets for best results.

Rendered in DAZ Studio 4.10 IRAY
Minimum adjustments or none at all have been made to the Dress in all the promotional images.

Software: Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 3 Female, Genesis 8 Female

Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio