Dynamic Lily Dress

Dynamic Lily Dress

Create realistic renders and animations with Dynamic Lily Dress!

Dynamic Lily Dress is dynamic clothing that can be worn by Victoria 4, Genesis, Genesis 2 Female and Dawn. The first in the world!

* It fits perfectly to all morphs and shapes, no need to use breast fixer, clothing cleavage modifier, etc
* It can drape realistically just like how cloth drapes in real life
* It can wrinkle automatically, depends on your character's pose
* It can move just as your character moves, no need to spend hours to adjust the cloth movement
* It fully supports soft body physics
* It's affected by Poser's wind force

Includes step by step tutorial for dynamic clothing.

P.S This dress can be imported and rendered in DAZ Studio, but it requires Poser for calculation. If you don't own Poser, you can't use it.

Software: Poser 6+

Compatible figures: Victoria 4, Genesis, Dawn, Genesis 2 Female

Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio