Dynamic Ruffle Dress

Dynamic Ruffle Dress

Video of this dress, combined with soft body physics can be seen here: https://youtu.be/1RoVh0rUGC8 (it's only 1 MB, so it doesn't take lots of bandwidth)

Make your renders and animation look realistic with Dynamic Ruffle Dress.

Dynamic Ruffle Dress is a dynamic clothing that can be used by these figures:
* Genesis 2 Female
* Genesis 3 Female
* Genesis
* Victoria 4
* Dawn

The most obvious advantage of using this dress is, it fits perfectly to your character without the need of clothing fix or anything similar at the breasts/cleavage. It's the main reason why I make dynamic clothing and exclusively use dynamic clothing for my characters.

Other advantages include:
* Dynamic clothing can wrinkle automatically and realistically
* It can drape realistically just like how cloth drapes in real life
* It can move just as your character moves (look at my video)
* Dynamic clothing fully supports soft body physics (look at my video) ~ conforming clothing can't follow soft body physics applied to breasts and it causes poke thru
* It's affected by Poser's wind force, with this, you can create awesome realistic renders and animations

Note: This dress can be rendered in DAZ Studio but requires Poser for calculation. If you don't have Poser, you can't use it.

Software: Poser 6+

Compatible figures: Victoria 4, Genesis, Dawn - Dawn S.E., Victoria 5, Genesis 2 Female, Genesis 3 Female, Victoria 7

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