FRQ Dynamics: 1920s Dress

FRQ Dynamics: 1920s Dress

An allround 1920s dress for Victoria 4 or Aiko 4. Suitable for anything from a glamorous flapper to elegant ladies drinking tea. This dynamic dress for Poser features a handkerchief skirt and realistic seams. Dynamic cloth groups have been set up as usual so the dress is easy to use. The dress has a bunch of figure and adjustment morphs (see promo images) so that you can tweak your simulation just so for your custom figures, giving you enhanced control over your final result.

Necklace - Two different dynamic necklaces - one with pearls and one with jet/crystal. Note that the Crease Angle for the Jet/Crystal version has been set to ON but at 0 to create hard edges when rendering the scene with smooth polygons. Remember to zero any doubled up dress morphs before simulating the necklace against V4 and the dress.

Art Deco Prop - a simple but elegant prop to enhance your period renders. This has also been designed to render well with the regular smooth polygon settings that are preferrable for clothing.

Materials - Tons of materials included for the dress and necklace. Dress materials have been sorted so that you have a separate folders for materials which have been tested to work with P11 SuperFly. All materials work with FireFly. The prop also comes with a bunch of ready made materials but you can add any material you like for the screens.

This pack contains:

* Dress .pp2 dynamic prop (V4)
* Necklace .pp2 dynamic props (V4)
* Art Deco Prop .pp2 prop (Poser)
* Morphs on the Dress and Necklaces (optional/manual dial)
* Scaling morph for the Art Deco prop so you can scale it while keeping it on the ground
* .mc6 materials
* Instructions and Cloth Room tips

Note: This product is not suitable for DAZ Studio - the Poser Cloth Room is required.

Promo Credits are found under the Promo Credits Tab.

Additional Promo Credits: A Curious Tea - Drink Me from Daz 3D.

Software: Poser 6+

Compatible figures: Victoria 4, Aiko 4

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio