High Slit Dress and 10 Styles for PE, V4, Dawn and Pauline

High Slit Dress and 10 Styles for PE, V4, Dawn and Pauline

High Slit Dress and 10 Styles for PE, Victoria 4, Dawn and Pauline. The prop cloth in this set can only be used in the Poser Cloth Room.

For using this set you need to have Poser 8 or higher and Project Evolution, Victoria 4, Dawn and / or Pauline.

Included in this set are:

- Dress (smart prop / dynamic clothing)
- 10 Material settings (mc6)
- 12 textures

The dress has an external obj file in the geometries folder.

Included morphs:

- Fit V4
- Fit Dawn
- Fit Pauline (fits Pauline 1 + 2)

Shaping morphs

- Flat chest
- Skirt width
- Skirt bottom width
- Skirt length

You can easily change the color of the clothing item by changing the "Diffuse Color" in the material room.
Try to change the diffuse color for the material zones (dress, hem, neck trim, arms trims, sleeves trims and sleeves) to an other color.
Try also to give the material zones different diffuse colors.
You can also change the specular color of the material zones to a similar color as the diffuse color you were choosing for a different result.

Example: Use black for diffuse color and a dark gray for specular color.

Software: Poser 10 / Poser Pro 2014 +, Poser 11

Compatible figures: Victoria 4, Dawn, Dawn S.E., Pauline, Project E

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