Daz Studio Training Intermediate 01 - Tweaking the Surfaces

Daz Studio Training Intermediate 01 - Tweaking the Surfaces

Have you made your first steps in Daz Studio? Would you like to expand your skills? This tutorial will show you how to get more out of your content. Learn how to customize and adapt the content you have.

This training series goes beyond a traditional tutorial. It consists of two parts:

The Videos:

  • Focus on the topic. No lengthy introductions, no background music, no fuss. You don't need to watch me setting up a scene because you're perfectly capable of doing that on your own. The videos concentrate on the interesting parts.
  • Each video has an index with markers that allow you to jump between subtopics.

The PDF Companion File:

  • Serves as cheat sheet and reference guide. Looking something up in print is often quicker than re-watching a video.
  • The PDF will help you to refresh your memory, giving short instructions for each topic. The time codes next to each step will help you to find the relevant place in the video if you want to review that portion.

This session is focusing on surface settings. It is about the Iray Uber shader and how to tweak its various settings to create alternate looks. It is NOT an in-depth discussion of all the available shader settings but focuses on those you'll use most frequently, and it covers some materials you will come across again and again in your scenes: metal, non-metallic surfaces, glass, glowing surfaces, and shiny and rough fabrics.

Learn how to:

  • Convert 3Delight shaders to Iray Uber without the help of additional tools
  • Tweak the settings for a realistic look
  • Set up common materials, like
    • Metal
    • Non-metallic surfaces
    • Glass
    • Glowing surfaces
  • Add dirt or shimmering patterns
  • Turn matte fabrics into shiny silk (and vice versa).

Recommended for users who have already made their first steps in Daz Studio.

Required skills: Loading items into a scene, selecting items and surfaces, rendering.

What's Included and Features

  • Daz Studio Training Intermediate 01 - Tweaking the Surfaces
  • Movies (.MP4) Total Running time 1 Hr 09 Minutes:
    • Session 1a - Converting Old Shaders To Iray (29 minutes)
    • Session 1b - Dirt and Glamour (15 minutes)
    • Session 1c - Glossy Fabrics (17 minutes)
    • Session 1d - Rough Fabrics (6 minutes)
    • Bonus: Preset Favorites (2 minutes)
  • Documentation: (.PDF)
    • Intermediate Session 01 Tweaking Surfaces

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.12

Install Types:

DazCentral, DIM, Manual Install