Girls for Genesis 8 Female

Girls for Genesis 8 Female

Turn Genesis 8 Female into a young or teenage girl.

Included are lots of custom created Face and Partial Body Morphs that can dialed in separately, as full character morph or also be mixed with each other and/or combined with morphs from other products.

Shape Presets that utilize the morphs are included as well. Use those to get our aimed shapes or use all the morph dials manually for maximum control and customization. Or use the presets as a base and then customize the results by dialing in or out the morphs.

Beside this a Base Girl Morph for the full body and the head and face is included that can be perfectly used as a base for your own shape/character creations since they come with less details than the other full body morphs. They can be dialed in step less too of course for different aimed ages, from a young tween girl up to an older teen. To get even more control and adjustment options, lots of custom partial body morphs and controls are included too, like breasts morphs, abdomen and belly morphs, collarbone and shoulders morphs and many more. You can also just use the Base Body Morph and use your own custom head morphs or other products to customize your creations. Or you use the Base Body Morph and combine it with one of the custom face morphs that come with this product. You can also use the included morphs with other full Genesis 8 Female based characters to let them appear younger for instance. There are so many possibilities.

There are no other products required to use this product.

Being a required product you can also use this product for your own distributed character / shape products of course.

What's Included and Features

  • Full Body Morph Dials:
    • Full Girl 01 - 06
    • Full Girl Base Neutral
    • Girl Body 01 - 06
    • Girl Body Details 01 - 06
    • Body Muscles Definition
    • Body Muscles Tone
    • Girl Body Neutral Base
    • Girl Body Smooth
    • Body Height
  • Partial Body Morph Dials:
    • Arms Length
    • Arms Upper Volume Adjustment
    • Arms Lower Volume Adjustment
    • Shoulders Strong / Weak
    • Shoulders Width Adjustment
    • Breast Fine Adjustment
    • Breast Small Adjustment
    • Chest Depth
    • Chest Smoothing Shape 01 - 06
    • Collar Bone Shape
    • Nipples Size
    • Nipples Young
    • Feet Length Adjustment
    • Feet Size Adjustment
    • Hands Size Adjustment
    • Fingers Length Adjustment
    • Neck Length Adjustment
    • Neck Volume Adjustment
    • Forehead Smoothing Adjustment
    • Girl Face Details 01 - 06
    • Girl Head 01 - 06
    • Girl Face Young Base
    • Girl Neutral Head Base
    • Head Size Adjustment
    • Jaw Neck Transition Smooth
    • Girl Lashes
    • Love Handles Adjustment
    • Legs Length Adjustment
    • Legs Upper Volume Adjustment
    • Legs Lower Volume Adjustment
    • Torso Smooth Adjustment
    • Torso Length Adjustment
    • Torso Width Adjustment
    • Abdomen Depth Adjustment
    • Abdomen Width Adjustment
    • Hip Width Adjustment
    • Belly Size Adjustment
    • Navel Adjustment
    • Teeth Width Reduce ADJ
  • Shape Presets:
    • Full Girl 01 - 06
    • Girl Body 01 - 06
    • Girl Head 01 - 06
    • Full Girl Base Tween 1 + 2
    • Full Girl Base Young Teen 1 + 2
    • Full Girl Base Teen 1 + 2
    • Full Girl Base Older Teen
    • Base Body Tween 1 + 2
    • Base Body Young Teen 1 + 2
    • Base Body Teen 1 + 2
    • Base Body Older Teen
    • Base Head 25/50/75/100 percent
    • Girl Lashes Add / Off
    • Full and Partial Reset Presets

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.10

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install

Compatible figures: