Biscuits Adora VWD Hair

Biscuits Adora VWD Hair

Welcome to the Dynamic Hair Revolution!
Adora VWD Hair for Victoria 4 is a medium length hairstyle.
Especially designed to be used with VWD Cloth&Hair.


- Ideal start zero pose, to avoid intersection at frame 1.
- Air between the individual strands for optimal draping.
- Screenshots show how to use this particular hair in VWD.
- High resolution quality meshdensity for smooth bends.
- Suitable for static and dynamic simulations.
- Can be used for still renders or animations.

It comes in 15 colors.

(Note that all RGB HairSalon addons fit on this hair as well.)

This hair doesn't contain any morphs, because it gets it's movements through simulation.

A video tutorial how to use this hair is available here.

Other settings are used in this video then the screenshots included with this hair, to show you different settings give different results.

Software: Poser Pro 2010+, Poser Pro 2014 & Game Dev, Poser 9+, Poser 11

Compatible figures: Victoria 4

Required Products: VWD Cloth And Hair

Compatible figures: 
Hair for Poser and Daz Studio