Hard Surface Shaders for Iray

Hard Surface Shaders for Iray

Hard Surface Shaders for Iray is a collection of beautiful seamlessly tiled shaders, meticulously created from a combination of generated textures and photographs, shot and hand stitched in Photoshop by a professional photographer.

Included are 8 varieties of marble, 8 styles of granite, 4 types of concrete and 4 different asphalts. All with their own unique displacement maps and easy to use preset options. Each of these surfaces have their own tiling presets and offer 4 versatile finishes - gloss, shiny, satin and rough.

Ten different grout patterns in 16 different colours, as well as a wide range of tiling options offer even more capacity to make truly original works. The grout tiling options work independently to the surface tiling presets, allowing you to use multiple presets in combination, giving you amazing versatility and choices.

But we didn't just stop there - 8 unique, absolutely stunning, seamless Opulent shader varieties, 4 Deco and 4 Modern, all with tiling options have been included for those who like something truly decadent to work with.

Hard Surface Shaders for Iray can also be used as a Merchant Resource and comes with a comprehensive PDF User Guide should you need it.

The multitude of options you will have at your fingertips will give you the capacity to create amazing renders, from a sleek, polished, contemporary apartment to a breathtakingly stunning fantasy scene. Hard Surface Shaders for Iray is the perfect match for your next render.

What's Included and Features

  • Hard Surface Shaders for Iray (.DUF)
    • Base Shader Presets
      • 8 seamless marble shader presets
      • 8 seamless granite shader presets
      • 4 seamless concrete shader presets
      • 4 seamless asphalt shader presets
      • 4 finishes for each base shader (gloss, shiny, satin and rough)
      • 5 tiling presets for each base shader
      • 4 displacement presets (low, medium, high and off)
    • Opulent Shader Presets
      • 4 seamless deco shader presets
      • 4 seamless modern shader presets
      • 4 displacement options for modern 01 and modern 04 (low, medium, high and off)
    • Grout Presets
      • 10 seamless grout pattern presets
      • 5 tiling presets for each grout pattern
      • Remove grout preset
      • 16 grout colour presets
    • Textures
      • 32 base colour maps
      • 30 normal maps
      • 26 displacement maps
      • 15 bump maps
      • 17 glossy maps
      • 10 diffuse overlay maps
      • 5 metallicity maps
      • 135 maps at 4096x4096
    • UV Maps
      • Easy Tile UV set Genesis 8 Female
      • Easy Tile UV set Genesis 8 Male
    • User Guide (.PDF)
    • Daz Studio Iray Shader Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.10

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install