"AJ Mosquito 2" is a futuristic flying vehicle that you can use in your works to create scenes on a variety of themes. Most of all, this product is suitable for paintings on sci-fi, military and cityscape themes. «AJ Mosquito 2» package includes 1 figure (Mosquito 2), 2 props (Weapons and Rotating Propellers) and 4 mat-poses:
- M2 In Flight LightsOff
- M2 In Flight LightsOn
- Mosquito2 LightsOff
- Mosquito2 LightsOn

Mosquito 2 figure consists of 8 parts.You can rotate propellers, open and close windshield (doors), move up and down front and rear landing gears and slide right and left steps. Select needed part and use corresponding slider.

I hope that this product will be an excellent addition for your pictures.

Before using this product in your scenes, please, disable from Poser menu: Display-Ground Shadows and Display-Guides-Ground Plane.
Use Poser 6 or above version of Poser application.
System Requirements:

PC (Not tested in Mac)
Poser 6 and above (not tested in DAZ Studio)

Software: Poser 6+

Props for Poser and Daz Studio