Jagdtiger - for DAZ Studio

Jagdtiger - for DAZ Studio

Jagdtiger - for DAZ Studio. Product Features:
* Includes one DAZ Prop (dsf, duf/ png), at 146,868 polygons.
* Accurately-moving treads with three pose dials on the Body to move them together or only the left or only the right.
* Opening/closing hatches including, with dials on the Body:
- Left and right rear engine hatches
- Driver hatch
- Radar operator hatch
* Main gun can elevate up and down.
* Left and right fender covers can raise and lower.
* BMG gun can elevate and rotate.
* Side skirts can be hidden or shown for scenes where the tank needs repairs.
* Morphs to flatten the left and right tracks behind the tank.

Textures/ Materials:
* Three texture schemes/ materials:
- Basic
- Camo
- Snow

Recommended for use in DAZ Studio 4.9 with Iray.

Daz Studio 4.9 ONLY

Props for Poser and Daz Studio