Wild West Town

Wild West Town

Click on editorial tab to wiew all houses.


- 1 ground figure (cr2+obj)
- 11 houses figures: saloon, hangar, jail, grand hotel, etc... (cr2+obj).Doors can be opened, but the interior is basic,
but the ground floor of the Grand Hotel, which contains a large room can be furnished (furniture not included).
- 1 Waggon figure (cr2+obj): spin wheels and turn front wheels.
- 1 plow empty figure (cr2+obj) spin wheels
- 1 plow figure with bales parented

- 2 mats poses to change windows styles (lighted and default) use IDL to your render setting
with lighted windows and lights set 3 (the pz3 scene 2 is setuped with all night setting)

- 1 prop (pp2+obj) cask
- 1 prop (pp2+obj) horse bar
- 1 prop (pp2+obj) straw bale
- 1 prop (pp2+obj) wheel

- 5 lights set
- 14 cameras: cameras are designed to work with the PZ3 provided.
If you create your scenes even with another placement of buildings, the cameras will be useless.

- 2 pz3 scenes with preview (night & day)

Note: Remember to turn off the ground (menu>display>guide>ground plane). The ground is turned off in the .pz3 provided.
All promos images render in Poser Pro 2012 without postwork
except texts and compositions.
All files are numbered to Poser 9 version if you are using an older version of Poser, loading objects Poser inform you that it is a newer file,
click yes and the object load normally in the scene.

Tested in P7, P8 and P9, not tested in DS (all materials are optimized for Poser).

Product requirements

Poser 7 or above optimized for P9/PP2012
Props Scenes and Architecture for Poser