Summer Floral Fabric Shaders For Iray 4.9 - Merchant Resource

Summer Floral Fabric Shaders For Iray 4.9 - Merchant Resource

Summer Floral Fabric Shaders for Daz Studio Iray 4.9 is a set of beautiful vibrant textures featuring flowers, fruit and butterflies, that would be perfect for your Summer, Spring, fairy like or even fantasy scenes or renders.

1.There are 30 original patterns
2.There are 30 patterns with different colored backgrounds than the originals patterns. The originals are marked with an ‘A’ at the end and the patterns with the different colored backgrounds has a ‘B’ at the end.
3.There are 10 solid fabrics to use with the patterned shaders. The solid fabrics use the same bump and normal as the patterned shaders so you will need to adjust their tiling as well depending on the item you apply the shader to.
4.There are also 16 partials to adjust bump, normal and tiling.

This set is also a merchant resource. You can use the settings to help texture clothing, props and figures in the marketplace or for scrapbooking, web design and etc. However, you may NOT sell, share or giveaway the settings or tiles in another seamless tile or shader pack as is or altered as that would compete with the original product.

How to use:
You must select the item within the preview pane that you wish to apply the shader to, then go into the surfaces tab and select the material zone you wish to apply the shader to, once the item is selected in both places you can then go into your content and find my shader presets and select the one you wish to apply.

Please note because of the uniqueness of the shaders you won't see the desired result until fully rendered. No props, lights, environment maps, characters, figures and or etc. are included in this shader pack.

Software: Daz Studio 4.9 ONLY

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