Topsy 8 The Tinkerer Bundle

Topsy 8 The Tinkerer Bundle

Much to her parent's dismay, Topsy 8 has dismantled anything and everything she can get her hands on to see how it works ever since she was a little girl.

Topsy is driven by curiosity and has an extremely innovative mind. Hidden in her workshop, she rarely sees the sun because she's always working on her next invention.

When it’s time to take her inventions out for a spin, Topsy comes perfectly prepared with the Topsy 8 The Tinkerer Bundle! This bundle includes Topsy 8, additional character Welda, the lovely Miranda Hair, two astounding Outfits, a Poses and Expressions pack and a Fantasy Expressions set to complete the bundle.

The Topsy 8 The Tinkerer Bundle is a must-have for your whimsical, steampunk, fantasy, storybook and historic scenes!

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.14

Install Types:

DazCentral, Manual Install

Compatible figures: