Blowfly Fighter

Blowfly Fighter

Blowfly Heliplane Fighter is another of a number of aircrafts developed under the inspiration of the insect kingdom. It is a robust versatile battle aircraft used for various combat roles. It is hybrid aircraft designed to attack ground armored targets, whether it is a building or vehicle. For this purpose, it is equipped with a 35 mm rotary cannon "Chimaera" and Air-to-Ground guided missiles. Equipped with air-to-ground missile "Wyrm", it can also be used to effectively combat armored surface ships. For own protection there are two mounted 10 mm rotary cannon located at the front and rear turrets. These can be operated by any of the two crew members, whether is their current role of the pilot or weapons officer. Both cockpits, left and right, are fully equipped for both for flight and fire control. Also, both members of the crew may at any time any of these two roles perform. The aircraft is powered by two turboprop engines, which primarily provide the necessary lift, but also help in forward thrust or even in reverse. The aircraft is able to fly and fight at zero speed, as well as at maximum speed of 1000 km / h. The primary forward thrust is provided by two jet engines at the bottom of the aircraft. All engines are equipped with various devices for dispersing heat radiation, which together with the low-profile construction and craft´s overall appearance helps to maintain stealth flight.

Included are:

One heliplane figure with ERC channels and
several bodyparts for alternating the vehicle variants
6 full texture variants
M4 and V4 left and right pilot poses
Missiles smart prop on ground display preset
Blurred propellers and light glares props
1 promotional light preset

Product requirements

Poser 6+, Daz Studio 4.5, Daz Studio 3, Daz Studio 4.6
Base Figures:
Victoria 4, Victoria 3, Michael 3, Michael 4, Dawn, Victoria 5, Victoria 6/Genesis 2 Female
Transportation for Daz Studio and Poser