Porge 900

Porge 900

The Porge 900 is a vehicle with a mixture of classic style and sport, creating a timelessly iconic shape! This model adds a bit of a racing edge to it with its striking contrasted colours. Although appearing simple in design, it's a model that can't be missed!

Featuring movable parts like:

Opening doors
turning wheels
turning the steering wheel
changing gears
rotating the speedometer needles
opening the glove/storage compartment
adjusting seats
opening the hood (storage)
Pressing the pedals
and opening the boot

There are a few other separated items to allow further interaction. The spoiler at the rear of the car is detachable and can be removed if desired.
A basic engine is also included at the rear and can be hidden if not seen. Built for quality and optimized to only use as much PC resources as necessary.

OBJ included for other use

Software: Poser 7+

Transportation for Poser and Daz Studio