Anfa Hair For V4

Anfa Hair For V4

Anfa is a simple hair style which comes with 10 pretty hair colours. It has many style, movement and shape morphs so that you can create lots of different looks. There are fits for Aiko 4, Michael 4, Hiro 4, Girl 4 and also adjustment morphs to help it fit many other characters.


  • FITS Victoria 4, Aiko 4 Fit, Michael 4 Fit, Hiro 4 Fit, The Girl 4 Fit.
    All Tied, Sides Tied, Back Tied, Back Spread, Back Narrow, Back Base Narrow, Back Long, Back Short, Back Right Side In, Back Left Side In, Back Ends Out, Bangs Sides Back, Bangs Out, Bangs Short, Bangs Part, Bangs Long, Bangs Bend, Left Front Long, Left Front Short, Left Front Thin, Left Front Spread, Right Front Long, Right Front Short, Right Front Thin, Right Front Spread.
    Left Front Back, Right Front Back, Back Swing Left, Back Swing Right, Left Front Swing Left, Left Front Swing Right, Right Front Swing Left, Right Front Swing Right.
    All Windy Right, All Windy Left, All Windy Front, Bangs Windy Left, Bangs Windy Front, Bangs Windy Right, Windy Back, Windy Back Left, Windy Back Right, Windy Left Out, Windy Right Out, Windy Left Front Left, Windy Left Front Right. WindyRightFrontRight WindyRightFrontLeft.
    Tighten Left Cheek, Tighten Right Cheek, Tighten Left Side Head, Tighten Right Side Head, Tighten Back Head, Tighten Wisps Top, Tighten Wisps Top Right, Tighten Wisps Top Left, Tighten Wisps Top Back.
    Adjust Breasts, Adjust Collars Back, Adjust Left Collar, Adjust Right Collar, Adjust Head Front, Adjust Head Back, Adjust Head Sides, Adjust Head Top, Adjust Back, Adjust Front, Adjust Back Mid, Adjust Left Side Mid, Adjust Right Side Mid.
    Black, Blonde, Blue, Brown, Dark Red, Grey, Light Brown, Platium Blonde, Red, Silver.


  • Anfa Hair
    Black, Blonde, Blue, Brown, Dark Red, Grey, Light Brown, Platium Blonde, Red, Silver.
Poser Version: 5+
Daz Studio: 3
Zip Files 1 Zip file (25.6 Mb)
Requires: Victoria 4
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio