BOY and GIRL - New Morphs for G8F

BOY and GIRL - New Morphs for G8F

This is a set of 10 unique custom sculpted morphs for use with Genesis 8 Female(s). No other Morphs or package required.

As with my other set of morphs "Boy and Girl for G3F" these morphs can give a complete NEW look to your characters. In this version for G8F you will find a complete NEW Boy & Girl HEAD-morph.
For even more versatility: Two new Full Body morphs are added as well and 2 different Breast-shapes to match the boy or girl you like!

Do you want your character to look only very feminine or do you need a more boyish character like a tomboy? Then this set of morphs is also the right addition to your G8F characters.
With this small set of morphs you can change your Genesis 8 Female into a boy or a girl. You will find some masculine shapes/morphs to create your boy. And some female shapes/morphs to mix with your Genesis 8 females for a new unique girl. Create the boy or the girl you like. Mix and combine shapes with the included morphs and/or with all other morphs you already own for your G8F based characters.

If you wish a little variation in your Genesis 8 Female characters, you can change the entire body and/or face with ease using these morphs.
It is easy to create your own boy- or girl- shape with the included PRESETS (See promo images).

27 INCLUDED Presets:
3 Full B&G FEMALE Shapes, 3 Full B&G MALE shapes, 6 Full B&G MIXED Shapes,
1 Boy & Girl HEAD, 2 Breast-shapes, Small Body shape, Muscularity body,
Apply Genitals FEMALE, Apply Genitals MALE (Bulge), Apply Navel

6x REMOVE Presets
1x Reset ALL Preset

10 MORPHS + sliders(dials)
B&G Adult Body A
B&G Adult Body B
B&G Adult Body C
Boy & Girl Head
B&G Small Body
B&G Muscular Body
B&G Breasts1 Female
B&G Breasts2 Female
B&G Genitals Female
B&G Genitals Male (Bulge)

VERSATILITY: And maybe best of all: YOUR BOY or GIRL CAN BOTH SHARE THE SAME CLOTHING WITH YOUR GENESIS 8 FEMALES. Most clothing for your G8F will fit all included shapes automatically through the Auto-Follow system in DAZ Studio.

With the sliders (wich you can find under the Tab Shaping) you can adjust or mix and match shapes for Body and/or Head.
All morph-sliders you can find together in the following Tab Shaping for easy access: Actor > Full Body > People > Mar3D > Boy & Girl

Note that this is only a custom Shape / Morph set. You need the Genesis 8 Female Base shape to use this set.
No character, hair, clothing, props or textures are included.

Required product/software:
DAZ Studio 4.9.4 or higher (for Genesis 8 character)
Genesis 8 Female base (Free with DAZ Studio at

No other Morphs or package needed.

Software: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Requirements:  NO other Morphs required

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio