EvilOne, The Outfit

EvilOne, The Outfit

"Tis well known that evil comes to us disguised in many ways, sometimes dark and gothic, other times alluring and seductive.

This outfit will display her wicked side leaving no doubt in those who gaze upon her as to her intent. With a full set of body dials to make certain the fit will well show off her considerable charms, binding any male into a web of desires and degradations he will be unwilling to leave.

With a new head dress included and dynamic cloth options available, this dress and bodice, if combined with the EvilOne Headdress pack, will offer you a multitude of options that shall ensure that she is the Mistress of all the is evil and dark within your runtime.

A bundle full of evil goodies for Victoria 4.

Included :

  • Bodice conforming
  • Bodice superconforming
  • Dress conforming
  • Dress superconforming
  • Dynamic Dress
  • Slipper L and R conforming
  • Evil hat prop
  • Hathair prop
  • Jewel dress props
  • Ring L and R parented to middle finger prop
  • 3 Textures for every piece .mc6 and .pz2 and adapted Daz Studio materials .duf
  • 5 Haircolors
  • Hide bodice option
  • Zero Victoria 4.2 pose
  • Hide handles

Usage Tips :

  • When starting to build your scene please use zero V4 pose first.
  • Morphs need to be dialed in from "Body" part in Poser and DS. Dialing from other parts can cause exaggerated movement morphs.
  • Aiko4 morph needs to be dialed in manually in hat and hair.
  • The morphs of Bodice.cr2 and Dress.cr2 need to be dialed in manually, I've included a superconforming version too : Bodice-SC.cr2 and Dress-SC.cr2
  • Jewel prop for dynamic dress is parented to V4's chest and may need manual adjustment to fit V4 Pose.
  • The Dynamic dress does not work in Daz Studio only in Poser.
  • A tutorial how to work with dynamic clothes can be found here http://www.runtimedna.com/Cloth-Room-Master-Class-Tutorial.html.
    Suggestion : run your cloth simulation first then add slippers, hat, hair, bodice. Several adjustment morphs are included in the bodice to fit dynamic poses of the dress. However extreme poses may always cause poke through and using the bodice isn't advisable then.
  • Daz Studio users need to install both zipfiles.

Promo credits :

  • Alice/Alice Skin & Bodymorphs & Yly face morph for V4 by Aeon Soul
  • Lucrezia and Shades Of Lucrezia Monsters by Syyd and Traveler
  • Isadora, Lavaqueen V4 by me
  • Backgrounds by Sveva
  • Creature morphs for V4
Poser Version: 7+
Daz Studio: 4.6+
Zip Files 4 Zip files (48.7Mb, 3,3Mb, 269Kb, 16.4Mb)
Requires: Victoria 4
Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio